Thoughts and images of my culinary adventures.

Cold smokers: the 5000XR

Behold the Cold Smoker 5000XR (the “XR” stands for extended release — I was working on a patent case at the time involving an extended release formulation): The food-hanging box is made of redwood lumber. The TTR (thermal transfer reservoir) is made of Trex plastic lumber — I wanted to…

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Cold smokers: the 3000 T

There are two kinds of smokers: hot and cold. Hot smoke is for cooking food — think barbeque. Cold smoke is a way to add smoke to food without cooking it. Think smoked cheese, or smoked salmon. Not the flaky, cooked salmon, but the pink, silky, translucent salmon. Properly cured…

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Homemade salami

Salami is the apex. Making salami has cost me years of botched experiments and thousands of dollars. But when I finally sliced into the first success, it was a revelation. Wow, I had never had anything like it — homemade salami somehow blows away even the good stuff you can…

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